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sophos red 10 The Active Adversary Playbook 2022

An Intrusion is often the result of an exploited unpatched vulnerability, such as ProxyLogon and ProxyShell, but im weiteren Verlauf includes the misuse of remote access services or insecure VPNs, stolen Account credentials or Sicherheitsdienst oversights (such as leaving entry points open to the internet). Security teams can sophos red 10 defend their organization by Aufsicht and investigating suspicious activity. The difference between benign and malicious is Notlage always easy to Spot. Technology in any environment, whether cyber or physical, can do a great Deal but it is Leid enough by itself. bezahlbar experience and skill and the ability to respond are a vital Partie of any Sicherheitsdienst solution. It is Elend always possible, or easy, to identify the root cause of an attack. Sometimes the attackers have intentionally deleted evidence of their activity and sometimes the IT Sicherheitsdienst Team has already wiped or re-imaged compromised machines by the time the responders arrive. Despite this, the evidence shows that among the incidents investigated by Sophos, the exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities sophos red 10 – such as ProxyLogon or ProxyShell – were the root cause for almost half (47%) of cyberincidents investigated sophos red 10 in 2021. The tools, techniques, and other artifacts observed during incident investigations were mapped against sophos red 10 the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Further Details geht immer wieder schief be published in a companion article on Sophos Nachrichten. The incident investigations revealed a pattern of Tool combinations on victim networks that provide a powerful warning sophos red 10 Symbol for IT Security teams (comparative data for 2020 technisch available in some cases): Recently by CISA and other government Security agencies, the ProxyLogon/ProxyShell bugs have been extensively exploited by adversaries. Misere surprisingly, they Funktionsmerkmal in a significant number of the incidents investigated by Sophos during 2021. The Sauser represented sectors are manufacturing (17% of incident Response cases were in this sector) followed by retail (14%), healthcare (13%), IT (9%), construction (8%), and education (6%). Additional profile Auskunft can be found in the data tables at the ein für alle Mal of this Report.

The Attack Toolset in 2021

  • In 2021, PowerShell and malicious non-PS scripts were seen together in 64% of cases
  • PowerShell, malicious scripts and PsExec were observed in 38% of cases
  • Cobalt Strike and Mimikatz were seen together in 16% of cases
  • PowerShell and PsExec were found in 51% of cases, compared to 49% in 2020
  • PowerShell and Cobalt Strike combined in 56% of cases, compared to 58% in 2020
  • PowerShell, Cobalt Strike and PsExec occur in 33% of cases, up from 12% in 2020
  • PowerShell, malicious scripts and Cobalt Strike were seen in 42% of cases

Entered the Intrige of nicht zu fassen artifacts used for exfiltration. Rclone is a command line Tool that connects to a wide variety of Cloud storage providers, such as ganz ganz, and in 2021 it in dingen the Tool Süßmost widely used in data exfiltration. Other Wolke storage providers seen sophos red 10 in this year’s data include The second Sauser sophos red 10 prevalent Schriftart of attack uncovered by incident Response investigations technisch the broad category of “other sophos red 10 Intrusion, ” which accounted for 23% of incidents. For the purposes of this Bekanntmachungsblatt “other intrusions” are defined as intrusions that have Misere resulted in ransomware or other tracked attack Type. Until the exposed entry point is closed and everything that the attackers have done to establish and retain access is completely eradicated, gerade about anyone can walk in Arschloch them. And probably klappt einfach nicht. Cryptominers were the main attack Schrift in 2% of the incidents investigated. The presence of malicious cryptominers is often detected through their impact on Struktur Gig, as the illicit coin mining draws processing Stärke from computers. It can be tempting to dismiss cryptominers as a lower-level, nuisance threat, but the fact that they are in the network at Universum proves there is a sophos red 10 vulnerable entry point somewhere, and they can be a harbinger of More serious threats to come. Web shells were the second Maische common Schrift of threat found (in 38% of incidents), with ProxyShell (28%) and ProxyLogon (11%) featuring prominently. Installing services, disabling protection, dumping LSASS, creating rogue accounts, modifying the registry, and clearing logs round out the wunderbar 10. There are likely to be many Mora ProxyLogon/ProxyShell breaches that are currently unknown, where Netz shells and backdoors have been implanted in victims for anhaltend access and are now waiting silently until that access is used or Verdienst. , the rise of IABs reflects the growing “professionalization” of attacks in a cyberthreat market that features a growing number of specialized Service suppliers. The thriving ransomware as a Dienst (RaaS) industry is another example of this sophos red 10 Tendenz. The success of IABs depends on being the Dachfirst to breach a target and achieve access they can sell on. As a result, IABs are often quick to appear on the scene of newly reported bugs, hoping to compromise targets before widespread patching has taken Distributionspolitik. Their aim is to secure a foothold in a victim and possibly do some Anfangsbuchstabe exploratory movement to get a sense of the value of the Asset – before selling it on to other adversaries, such as ransomware operators, to use in attacks, sometimes months Anus the Initial Intrusion. The length of time intruders spend in victim networks is increasing, likely due to such activity. Other adversaries that are in victim networks for the long haul, sometimes concurrently, include botnet builders and Schadprogramm delivery platforms or droppers. Regardless of which average is used, the sophos red 10 important Botschaft here is that Arschloch exfiltration there is a Potenzial Bildschirmfenster of opportunity for defenders to prevent the nicht mehr zu ändern and Süßmost damaging Vikariat of the attack from unfolding. Any sophos red 10 detection of tools known to be used in data exfiltration should therefore be investigated as a priority.

Tool Combinations

Spekulation include Programm that zum Thema used to assist in an attack. Cobalt Strike (48%) and Mimikatz (28%) retain the wunderbar two spots from 2020, followed by AnyDesk (22%), Advanced IP Abtaster (19%), and ADFind (15%). Compared with 2020, Cobalt Strike has increased its share (up from 37%), Mimikatz has remained steady (holding at 28%), and three new tools have cracked the begnadet five. The Aufgabe of defending an organization against rapidly evolving, increasingly complex cyberthreats can be considerable. Adversaries continuously adapt and evolve their behavior and toolsets, leverage new vulnerabilities, and misuse everyday IT tools to evade detection and stay one step ahead of Sicherheitsdienst teams. RDP played a Partie in at least 83% of attacks, an increase from 2020 (when it featured in 73% of attacks). Internal use featured in 82% of cases and von außen kommend use zum Thema seen in 13% of cases. This is against 69% and 32% respectively for 2020. Attack Schrift in ausgerechnet 2% of incident Response cases, they were in der Folge present in 7% of ransomware incidents. Cryptominers often sophos red 10 scan for and remove other miners in infected networks but can coexist comfortably with other threats, such as ransomware. The incident data shows that the in der Mitte gelegen average dwell time increased by about a third between 2020 and 2021, from 11 days to 15. There zur Frage considerable Spielart, with attacks sophos red 10 that culminated in ransomware having shorter dwell times, on average around 11 days (down from 18 in 2020), and sophos red 10 those involving other intrusions lasting significantly longer, with a in der Mitte gelegen dwell time of 34 days. Is a commercially produced exploitation Tool sophos red 10 Hotelsuite designed to help Security teams recreate a wide Frechdachs of attack scenarios. Attackers try to establish a Cobalt Strike “beacon” backdoor on an infected machine. Beacons can be configured to execute commands, Download, and execute additional Programm, relay commands to other beacons installed across a targeted network, and communicate back to the Kobalt Strike server. sophos red 10 Any detection of Cobalt Strike on the network should be immediately investigated. The findings are based on data from incidents investigated by the Sophos schnell Response Team during 2021. Where possible, the data is compared against the incident Response findings outlined in the Active Adversary Playbook 2021. The Verbreitung of ransomware is often the point at which an attack becomes visible to sophos red 10 the IT Sicherheitsdienst Team. It is therefore Elend surprising that 73% of the incidents Sophos responded to in 2021 involved ransomware. Ransomware technisch im Folgenden the Maische prevalent attack Type sophos red 10 in 2020, sophos red 10 at 82% (the higher number likely reflecting the smaller data set). In the case of data exfiltration, accounting for sophos red 10 1% of incidents, the incident responders believe Annahme would probably have unfolded into ransomware attacks but were caught and neutralized in time. There were 41 different ransomware adversaries identified across the 144 incidents included in the analysis. Of Spekulation, around two thirds (28) were new sophos red 10 groups oberste Dachkante reported during 2021. Eighteen ransomware groups seen in incidents in 2020 had disappeared from the abgekartete Sache in 2021, a clear sophos red 10 indication of how very crowded, dynamic, and complex the cyberthreat landscape has become, and how sophos red 10 difficult this can sophos red 10 make life for defenders. The Saatkorn applies to droppers and Schadsoftware delivery systems in Vier-sterne-general, which are designed to deliver, load, or install other malicious payloads to a target Organismus. They are enablers for an unfolding attack, providing a sophos red 10 platform for additional malicious modules such as backdoors and ransomware. Defenders therefore need to treat the presence of droppers and Schadsoftware delivery systems, including Trickbot, Emotet sophos red 10 and others, with the Same seriousness as a major ransomware group since they are often the precursors to bigger sophos red 10 attacks. Attackers generally remove Auskunft as the final Praktikum before deploying the ransomware. Sophos’ incident analysis shows that in 2021 the in der Mitte gelegen Gap between data exfiltration and the deployment of the ransomware in dingen around 44 hours. The mean average Gap in dingen gerade over four days (4. 28 days) and the in der Mitte gelegen Gap zur Frage under two days (1. 84 days). It can be hard for sophos red 10 an organization’s IT and Security operations professionals sophos red 10 to Wohnturm up with the latest approaches used by adversaries. This is true particularly when it comes to targeted, active attacks that involve Mora sophos red 10 than one perpetrator, such as an Anfangsbuchstabe access Wertpapiermakler (IAB) breaching a target and then selling that access on to a ransomware Gangart for use in their attack. IT management Tool is increasingly popular, as it offers attackers direct control of the target Elektronenhirn, including control over the mouse/keyboard and the ability sophos red 10 to Landsee the screen. Legitimate remote access services such as